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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Am Adoring You!

In the middle of assignments accomplishment processes I am watching my lovely famous TV series "Gilmore Girls". Kinda light and quick refreshment since I watched this (complete seasons) TV series more than 8 times during 1 year. Hahahaha!

Fyuhhh.. I don't want to be a single mother as Lorelai Gilmore, but I love her relationship with her the one and only daughter Rory. She is my other role models beside my mother. I love the way my mom taught me about the life's lessons. However the Gilmore's girls relationship is also unique!

Goshh! I wish I am able to become such as good mother as both of them (mom & Lorelai) in my future life.

I think I may like Carrie Bradshaw or Lorelai Gilmore or even Rory Gilmore, simply does like the attentions but reluctant to join a serius relationship. I still want to play around the world..hmm just try to make my dreams come true. My Mom??OMG! Her personality is close to Emily Gilmore. Perfecto, keen and elegant person (based on my own judgement).

My dreams are simply disturbed with the ending of Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzburger. When Logan proposed Rory, she ignored it. She is trying to reach her dream to become a well-know journalist. Thus, it says to you that your dreams can not be reached if you're married.

Recently, I just realized, dreams are still in my reach even though I am tighted up with someone that I love. Supports from our lovely persons (family, lover and relatives) will help me to be strong to reach my dreams. It is even better to have someone that you love stands beside you when your dreams come true.

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